Welcome! I would like to meet you. I would listen with my heart to the richness of your story. I would enjoy walking through life with you as you connect more deeply with your inherent self-sufficiency, joy and maybe even awe at all that is and can be. As this is an evolving site, I hope you will find the content compelling enough to return often! Until I 'meet' you, I invite you to 'meet' me through my writing and offerings here. I aspire for this to become a community for interesting dialogues to develop and from which excellent services will be received. Thanks for checking 'my space' out, take care, Tara

Hello and welcome! Glad you are interested in HeartMind Consulting! I would like to introduce you to Presence Based Coaching. I am in the process of becoming certified in this exceptional practice and would like to open this style of coaching up to friends and colleagues locally. To this end, Bebe Hansen and Doug Silsbee Have agreed to come out and offer a Presence Based Coaching Part One: Being a Developmental Partner 3 day training and a Part 2: Evoking Self Generation 4 day training. We are currently exploring dates in the late summer and early fall. Please let me know of your interest and as the package evolves I will keep you informed. In the meantime here is a little flavour of what it is all about. For more write me and I can send you a link to an audio file of an introductory 1 hour lecture including a live demo. The bonus with this is you can receive one ICF CE credit if you answer a question at the end of it!PBC Ch 2 Enjoy and please, I would love to get a dialog going on your impressions etc. Be centred, grounded and maybe even smile at your heart, enjoy, Tara