HeartMind Consulting is the manifestation of my intention to live and work in integrity, to co-create, and to live in a community of wellness. I am passionate about helping people reconnect with their passion/joy/sense of well being. To this end I will offer coaching sessions, counselling, workshops, yoga classes, seminars and host experts in related areas to offer retreats and conferences. The uniting theme is that I will hold the space for you to have an expanded sense of your Self/spirit/potential as well as develop the skills and support you need to be able to live from this place every day. 

Why HeartMind Consulting?

HeartMind as a business name arose as a way to accurately reflect the combination of  heart, body and mindfulness focused techniques that are used in sessions to create new awareness’s and encourage their integration into everyday life.

Consulting seemed to best encompass the diversity of offerings I will deliver.  It honours  the quality of the relationship I will have with each client as a coach, therapist, teacher or consultant to support and inform but not take charge of your process. 

I believe that with my diverse training and extensive experience we can get to whatever level you want and/or need to to achieve your true heart’s calling, your process may include:

  • Mindfulness, Acceptance and Committment Therapy, CBT, Heartmath
  • visioning, guided imagery, movement, creativity
  • Skillful questioning, respectful listening
  • Yoga, breathwork, EMwaves,
  • telephone, Skype or in person sessions

Depending on what best suits your needs

You are invited to learn more about Dr.Tara Tunstall by clicking on the Tara link below the HeartMind one.